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Item #: BUNDLE-MP25-CK10-MAT-mega
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    Standing 25 inches tall, this MegaChess Giant Chess Set comes with (32) black and white, high density polyethylene chess pieces. Each piece has a base diameter of 9.5 inches and weighs between 1.5 to 3 pounds.

    The MegaChess Giant Checkers Set is an affordable and outstanding introduction to garden checkers. The complete set includes (24) black and white checkers pieces and (6) plastic rods to crown your kings.

    Both the chess and checker pieces are made of rugged, waterproof, and UV-resistant injection molded plastic. These are commercial grade game pieces and will stand up to years of abuse. They both withstand the outdoor elements very well and will retain their color. We have these sets in the heat of the Middle East, the humidity of the Far East, the cold of the Rocky Mountains and the salty air, sun and sand of the Southern California beaches. These Giant Chess and Checkers Sets will inspire children to play!

    This bundle of 3 items also includes a Giant Nylon Chess Mat with 13-inch squares. The game mat is black and tan to avoid staining and includes a metal grommet on each corner to anchor the mat using the supplied metal stakes. The chess mat measures 9 x 9 feet (L x W) when open for play.

    This MegaChess Large Chess and Checkers Bundle includes:

    • (2) Kings - 25 inches tall
    • (2) Queens - 23 inches tall
    • (4) Bishops - 21.25 inches tall
    • (4) Knights - 18 inches tall
    • (4) Rooks - 16.5 inches tall
    • (16) Pawns - 16 inches tall
    • (12) Black Checkers - 10 x 3.5 inches (L x H)
    • (12) White Checkers - 10 x 3.5 inches (L x H)
    • (6) Plastic Rods
    • (1) Giant Chess Mat - 9 x 9 feet (L x W)
    • (4) Metal Stakes

    Perfect for lawn games, wedding events, backyard games, pubs, wineries, chess clubs, schools, hotels, special events and anywhere friends or families gather.